Friday, December 26, 2008

Mod aalelya methichi (Fenugreek seed sprouts) Usal

This is again a very traditional & rare recipe of my Grandmother (Mai aaji). Now after my aaji, my Aai is specialist for this 'Usal' in our entire family. It is a Winter recipe. Methi (Fenugreek seed) is very healthiest Indian spice. It is good for Diabetic patient to lower blood sugar level and help to reduce Cholesterol Levels. It is a good kindly tonic. It gives heat to your body. Beside this, it is bitter in taste so no one loves to eat methi seeds. But this 'Usal' tastes very nice and bitter taste of methi seeds is almost vanished.

Procedure : sprout Fenugreek seeds

Wash 1 cup of fenugreek seeds and keep it in a large bowl. Add 2 cups of water and cover it with lead. Soak the seeds for about 10 hours. Then drain out water, rinse it with fresh water and again drain it. Now transfer it to a sprout maker or else tie it tightly in a smooth cotton cloth for 2-3 days. Now the sprouts with good length is ready.

Sprouts - 1 Cup
Coarsely grinded wheat flour - 1, 1/2 cup
Grated dry coconut - 1/4 cup
Garlic cloves - 7-8
Red chilly powder - 2 tea spoon
Salt & sugar as per taste

For tempering (tadka)
Oil - 1/4 cup
Mustard seeds - 1 tea spoon
Asafetida (hing) - 1 pinch
Turmeric powder - 1 tea spoon

Heat half of oil in Kadai. Add mustard seeds, after they pop add chopped garlic when they turned golden add asafetida and turmeric powder. Now add Sprouts and mix it very gently. Put the lead and pour little water on it for proper steam. After five minutes add chilly powder, salt, and sugar again mix softly so that sprouts will not break, otherwise the bitter taste will spread all over. Again put lead for steam. When the sprouts properly cooked add Coarsely grinded wheat flour ( if you don't have this you can combine normal wheat flour with rawa / semolina in 3:1 ratio respectively). While mixing it add remaining oil, spoon after spoon. Put the lead and cook it for 3-4 minutes. Now take it away from the flame. When it becomes little cool add grated dry coconut and mix it. You can have this with roti or Bhakri. While eating you can pour some more garlic tadka on it. I just love that………..

I would like to send this recipe to Ammalu’s Kitchen's JFI - Sprouts Event

And also for Trupti's 'Winter Treat Event '


nisha said...

What a unique recipe , loved it .

SuzieDsouza said...

The sprouted Fenugreek seeds are of medicinal use for the diabetic persons. I loved your recipe, even I have a small one to share with. If you mix a pinch of salt and onion plus tomato pieces, and if consumed on daily basis, in early morning without eating anything will surely keep the sugar level in normal stage.

Gexton said...

It looks really amazing!! I have to try it!! Thanks for sharing :-)
sesame seeds
fennel seeds

Emily said...

Amazing.. many thanks for inspiring us and sharing the rare recipe!!!

my version of this "Usal" : methi sprouts with onion-tomato-garlic-amchur pwdr ... and it worked too, did not taste bitter at all!!

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