Thursday, December 25, 2008

Kalanachi Bhkari

As we all know Bhakri is very famous in Maharashtra and Karnataka. Bhakri has traditionally been the farmer's food, but in modern days however, bhakri has been replaced by roti and paratha, but still enjoys its own fan-following. It is made mostly from jowar flour, bajra flour, nachni flour and even rice flour. But today I am going to show you new variety of Bhakri which is a mixture of Black gram (Urad) and jowar. This bhakri is from 'Khandesh' (Maharashtra). Specially they make this in Winter season. This is best to be consumed in Winter , as it is known to generate heat and keep you warm. This Bhakri can accompany virtually any vegetable, daal or chutney (thecha), but in my house we eat this with groundnut and garlic chutney.


Jowar - 1 kg
Black gram (urad) - 250gms
Warm water
Salt - 1 tsp

Mix jowar and black gram and grind it to fine flour . This flour is called as 'Kalana'.
Now take 'Kalana' flour in a vessel and make a well in the middle. Add salt and warm water.
Knead nicely to make a soft dough. Make round balls out of this dough. On a flat surface, sprinkle little flour and pat the ball with your palm ( you can roll it like roti also). Use flour as required. Keep flattening the ball in circular motion to make round shape like roti. Don't make it too thin. Heat a griddle (tawa) . Lower the flame. Now place Bhakri on griddle in such a way that the lower portion of bhakri should be on griddle. Now spread little of water on upper side of bhakri. When water on bhakri dries completely turn it to cook from other side. Now remove from griddle and keep it on the direct flame. It will get puffed. It will need practice for puffed bhakri. Serve it with Groundnut Chutney and onion ( And if you prefer green chilly shsh……).

I would like to send this recipe to Trupti's 'Winter Treat Event '


Trupti said...

bhakri mast ch aahe..hya thadichya diwasat garma garam bhakri khayla mast ch watate

Meera said...

I tried this yesterday and came out really well. Thanks for sharing.

Varsha said...

do you use akkhe udid or udid dal(with or without skin)?

Khaugiri said...

Hey Varsha, Thanks for visiting:).
I used split urad dal with skin. You can use akhkhe udid or udid dal also.

Prathima Rao said...

A very healthy recipe!!!Can v use ready jowar flour for this?

Khaugiri said...

@Prathima- Thanks! Yes U can use ready jowar flour.

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