Monday, September 21, 2009

Soup 'N Juice

My Entry for Soup 'N Juice Event of Mom's Recipies


"Kokum Sharbat" is another very popular summer drink in Maharashtra. Usually Kokum sharbat is prepared with kokum syrup (which is available in market with added sugar) and water. But now a days nobody wants a traditional drink they needs something different so I prepared it with soda. And named it as "KokMok' . More>>

Mango Mastani …… sounds strange?…… you must have heard about Bajirao- Mastani in history ( Mastani was a very beautiful woman and mistress of the great maratha warrior, Bajirao Peshwa. )………. But I know if you have visited Pune once in your life, you must be knowing MASTANI……. It is a most famous dessert in Pune. Sujata Mastani house chain is very famous in Pune. There are many flavours like rose, strawberry, Orange,pistabadam etc. in Mastani but I love the most is Mango Mastani. It's a thick Mango milk shake topped with Mango Ice-cream. I can say, I am in love with Mango Mastani as good as Bajirao was in love with his Mastani….. More>>

Sol Kadhi
Solkadhi is a traditional digestive cool pink drink. It is so tasty that we call it as "SOUL KADHI". It not only touches your tongue but your soul also. It's Baby pink color is also sooo … cute. It contains Kokum which is also called as Amsol or Sola. So Kadhi with Sola is SolKadhi. It's a good Appetizer. More>>

Palak Soup
Last month my niece Aadyaa was here. She loves Palak soup like anything. As we all know Palak (spinach) is an iron rich vegetable. So I prepared this soup for her…….. And she just loved it and was asking more ('ajun' in Marathi) in her bowl…… So a healthy soup for the rainy season.


Pari said...

I love Kokam sharbat and solkadhi is an all time favorite. Must taste this mango mastani when I visit Pune next.

Priya said...

Woww wat a lovely array of delicious drinks,prefect entries!

rekhas kitchen said...

I have heard about this drink a lot but never tried looks delicious and mango mastani looks great realy must try them nice entries.

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