Monday, March 9, 2009

Puran Poli For Holi

Wishing everybody a very Happy & Colorful Holi !!!!!!!

Holi celebration in our Society.

If you think about Maharashtrian Cuisine, the first name will come in your mind is Puran Poli. I love it like anything. Puran poli is made for most of the festivals in Maharashtra, but for Holi this is the main Dish. We offer Puran poli to holika Devi as a Naivedyam. In childhood on holi day we used to say,

" होळी रे होळी दे मित्रा टाळी तुझी माझी आई करे पुरणाची पोळी "

In Maharashtra there are two three types of making Puran Poli. Some people use only sugar, some use only Jaggery or half a portion sugar and half jaggery. In Khandesh some people makes it with mung daal or toor daal. I make it with only sugar. I know sugar contains much calories than jaggery , but everything is fair in eating Purnachi Poli. So Let's make it………..


For stuffing
Chana Daal - 500 Gms
Sugar - 500 Gms
Cardamom Powder - 1 table spoon
Nutmeg powder (jayphal pud) - 1 Tea spoon
Salt - 1 Pinch

For Cover

Whole wheat Flour - 2 cups.
Oil - half Cup
Rice flour - 1/4 cup
Salt - 1/8 tea spoon
ProcedureWash chana daal neatly. Pressure cook it with water upto 3-4 whistles. Let the pressure of cooker get release. Drain the water on top of the dal into another vessel. It is called 'kat' in Marathi . It is used in a "Katachi aamti", It is a special daal which served with Puran Poli. . Now take daal in a thick bottom pan and add sugar into it. Stir continuously on low flame.
When the spatula (uchatane in marathi) stand straight in it, take of from the flame. Now grind this very finely in Puran yantra as shown below

My Favourite Anjali's Puran Yantra

Now add Cardamom Powder and Nutmeg powder and mix wel. When you started cooking daal, mean while knead the flour with salt and water. Cover it and keep aside for half an hour. Now again knead the dough with oil and water till it become very loose and smooth. Once pooran (stuffing) has cooled down completely, heat a Nonstick Tawa. Now spred rice flour on your hand. Take lemon size dough, flatten it with hands. Now stuff the puran (it should be double of the dough taken.) and close the cover over the stuffing and seal it. (just like any stuff Paratha). Roll the Puran poli using Rice flour. Roll it very carefully, so that stuffing should not come out. Put this carefully on hot Tawa. When one side gets slightly brown, turn it and roast it from other side. Do not flip it too often. You can make 16-17 Puran Polis with this measurement.
Serve hot with a scoop of Pure ghee. Some People prefer to eat it with milk. But I generally like with
Katachi aamti. Having puran poli in the afternoon and a good nap after that is a real "Swarg Sukh"

I want to add this post for Purva's Holi Hai event.

and for WYF:Cuisine event


Sunshinemom said...

I am waiting for my MIL's puran polis! They are awesome. Yours looks tasty too:)

anjali said...

hi u reminded me of my last year's holi. Well made pural poli- came out well...missing u guys

Purva Desai said...

Even we had lovely Holi celebrations in our society. Since currently I am in Mumbai, I enjoyed the festival to the fullest. Holi is incomplete without Puran poli.
Thank you for the lovely entry for the event.

EC said...

I always make it with jaggery..the yantra is new to me, thanks for the delicious polis

Anu said...

Your Poli looks delicious :)
I am Anu from My Scrawls. I have posted my version of puran poli. in my blog. Do visit my blog in ur free time. Would be happy to receive ur comments :)

Sharmishtha said...

Nice pics! Puran Poli is an essential food item during Shravan and Ganpati festival. Online recipes can help many homemakers.


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