Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gavhacha Cheek

When I read about “JFI- Wheat“ event, my thinking process started. I wanted to contribute some uncommon recipe of wheat for this event. So first I posted very easy to make & healthy recipe "Ukadpendi". Then I was thinking of different parathas and all, but suddenly I remember a traditional recipe that is Kurdai it is like a Papad. But it need skill and time, so I decided to make "Gavhacha Cheek" which is a white extract cooked while preparing Kurdai. It tastes very good and very healthy too. I took this recipe from one of the Marathi Magazine (Recipe special edition)


Whole wheat - 250 Grams
Ajwain - 1 Tea spoon
Asafetida - a pinch
Salt to Taste.


Soak Whole wheat (I used Sharbati Gehu) for 3-4 days in Water. Change the water every day. After 3-4 days grind it in a mixer till wheat will get neatly crushed. The white extract will get separate from wheat. Take it in a bowl. Now add 5 cups of water into it. Squeeze the wheat skin with hands. Then Filter remaining white extract with thin cotton cloth so that any small crushed wheat particles will get filtered. Cover this extract and keep aside overnight. In the morning white cheek will be at the bottom and the impure water will be at the upper level. Throw this water. Only the cheek will remain at the bottom. Now Boil water (equivalent to cheek) in a thick bottom pan. Add Ajwain, Asafetida and salt and mix wel. Then add the cheek stirring continuously with spoon in another hand. Lump should not get formed. Cook it till cheek becomes transparent. Serve very hot with liitle ghee on it. Wow this was our favorite afternoon snack in childhood.

Kurdai is the next step of it but first I will try it and then post the recipe…...

I want to send my this recipe for “JFI- Wheat“ event


Mints! said...

oooooh my!
paravaachyaa bhaarat vaarImadhe maahyaa jaavene karun ghaatalaa malaa aavaDato mhaNun. kaay sahi prakaar asato na.
i wish i could make it here in US :(

DEESHA said...

thatz such a new recipe for me. shall try this sometime

Rajee said...

New and interesting to me. How to eat it with gravy or something else? I came to know ur blog through wheat event that I too participate
Nice recipe.

Khaugiri said...

Hi Rajee, thanks for the response. you can eat this hot cheek with ghee. You can add chopped onion and coriander and make small vade and dry it in sunlight like papad. Fry it and eat it like papad.

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