Monday, July 27, 2009

Danyachi Aamti

Though Shravan maas is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, on Shravan somvar (Mondays in Sawan mahina) Lord Shiva is worshipped. Sawan month is auspicious and the Somvar in the Shravan maas are dedicated to Lord Shiva because during this month Shiva drank Haala hal and became Neelkant. At the time of Samudra manthan (churning of milk ocean), haala hal came out of the ocean and shook the universe. To protect the universe, Lord Shiva drank the poison and kept it at her throat. Since then Lord Shiva’s throat appeared blue. Usually, Somvar is the favorite day for Lord Shiva and Shravan Somvar is considered as highly auspicious because of the holiness of the Shravan month. Sawan Somvar Vrat is observed by married women for happy marital bliss and her family’s wellness. Unmarried women perform Shrawan maas somvar vrat to get good life partner. Men also worship Shrawan Somvar vrat for their academic, professional success. In some regions, devotees also worship Goddess Parvati Devi, Lord Ganesh and Lord Karthik along with Shiva during Shrawan Somvar vrat.
From last 15 years I am doing fast on Shravan Somvar. So I thought I will post fasting recipe on Khaugiri on every Monday of shravan mas.

Roasted Peanut Powder - 1 cup
Green chilies - 3-4
Kokum -2-3
Water - 2 cups
Salt and sugar as per taste

For Tempering
Pure ghee - 1 tablespoon
Cumin seeds - 1/2 teaspoon

In a mixer add the roasted peanut powder , green chillies, 1 cup water, salt and sugar. Blend to a smooth paste. Heat ghee in a kadai and add jeera. When the jeera crackles add the blended mixture . Then add kokums and remaing water and mix wel. Allow to boil on a very slow flame. Bring to a boil. Keep stiring in between so that no lumps should form. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve hot. This Amti tastes good with Sabudana Khichadi or Bhagar (variche tandul).

This is my entry for Pavani's JFI - August ’09: Peanuts and to Indira's Mahanandi


Anonymous said...

Meaninful read there..and a completely new recipe..looks awesome

Trupti said...

danyachi aamati...yuumyy barobar varai cha bhat pan de na..mag aamati ajun changli lagel :)

Me pan almost last 15 yrs pasun shravani somwar karat aahe

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Kitchen Flavours said...

Nice to know about the new cultures and customs....recipe looks yum with simple ingredients...

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