Friday, January 2, 2009

Lung Fung Soup

Cold waves are already started here. So it is very essential to have one bowl of soup before Dinner. 'Lung fung soup' is one of the favorite soups of my husband. So First soup entry in my blog is of 'Lung fung soup'

(For 2 Bowls)
Water - 2 cup
Oil - 1 Tea spoon
Noodles - 1/2 Cup
Corn flour - 3 Table Spoon
Butter -4 tea spoon
Chopped garlic - 2 teaspoon
Chopped Green Capsicum - 4 Table spoon
Chopped Cabbage - 1/2 Cup
Chopped Carrot - 2 table spoon
Chopped French beans - 2 Table spoon
Chopped Spring Onion - 2 Table Spoon
Black pepper powder - 1/2 tea spoon
Vinegar - 1/2 Tea spoon
Chilly Sauce - 1/2 Tea spoon
Sugar -1/2 tea spoon
Egg - 1 (optional)
Salt to taste

Boil 2 cups of water add 1 teaspoon oil and salt. Now add Noodles & boil until done. Strain the access water and wash noodles in cold water. Put some oil so that it does not become sticky.
Take Corn flour and 3 tablespoon of water and make a paste.
Heat the butter in pan add chopped garlic and capsicum and saute it. Add cabbage, carrot, beans and saute it ( Non vegetarian people can add boiled boneless chicken). Now add 2 cups of water, sugar, salt, vinegar, black pepper powder, Chilly Sauce and boil it . Add corn flour paste, again boil it. Beat egg white neatly. Add it in boiling soup drop by drop with spoon. So that small small egg balls will come up.
For serving, Take a soup bowl put boiled noodles, Pour hot soup and garnish it with spring onion.

I would like to send this recipe to Trupti's 'Winter Treat Event '


Akal's Saappadu said...

All of us at home love soups. This is healthy, simple and must be delicious! When you say vinegar, is it the rice vinegar or the regular one? This is something I'll try one of these days with some chicken.
First time here, came across your site through the winter event. Nice recipes have you got here.

Khaugiri said...

Thank U very much for ur lovely comment. Vinegar is regular one. Hope u will have lots of KHAUGIRI through out the year.....

Aishwarya said...

Hey Palla,
Lovely soup! I make chicken noodle- soup which is very similar with all these veggies and chicken. But I always used to wonder why my egg- drop gets messed up…but your idea of adding it in boiling soup drop by drop with a spoon to make the egg come up as small egg balls is fantastic. Now I know what I was doing wrong …coz it wd taste good but I wanted the good restaurant-style egg drop look...& You got that fixed for me my Angel!! : ) You must correct that thing on your website your not a budding cook. You r one remarkably splendid chef… and a darling of a human being! : ) that’s what you are sweetie : )

Love and best wishes

– Aishwarya

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