Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Anda Bread Thalipith

I have bookmarked this recipe long back. But Shravan mas then Ganesha festival was there. So no eggs allowed at home. Now this is a relax period Navratri is yet to start. I tried this recipe from Satya's blog Super Yummy Recipes . It turned out so tasty and crispy. It is actually nice substitute for regular bread omelet breakfast.


Whole wheat bread - 4-5
Eggs - 2
Finely chopped onion - 1
Chopped green chilies - 1
Chopped coriander - 2 tablespoons
Black pepper powder - 1/2 teaspoon
Butter - 1/2 teaspoon butter for each thalipith
Salt to taste

Make 3-4 pieces of each bread. Grind it in mixer. On the other side beat eggs in a bowl. Add all other ingredients except butter and powdered bread. Mix well. Now add powdered bread and make a semisolid dough. Make 2-3 equal balls of dough. Spread 1/2 teaspoon butter on the surface of flat frying pan. Keep one of the dough ball in the centre of the pan. Using your palm and fingers flatten the dough into a round even roti. (apply some water to your palm before it.) Make 2-3 holes with the your finger. Cover the lid and cook for 2 min. Turn the side and roast other side. Serve the crispy thalipith with tomato ketchup.


Pushpa said...

Interesting dish...looks lovely and yummy

Pushpa @

Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

wow wow wow..looks simply irrestible and mouthwatering....absolutely ur panchamrut post too...we love it with vada and fried bhajiya

Biny Anoop said...

nice recipe very different....was wondering can we use brown bread.....cos i have rest all of the ingredients

Khaugiri said...

@Biny- yes dear you can:)

chaitrali pathak said...

yuumy looking Thalipeeth...our same old thalipeeth gets a perfect makeover from u dear

Satya said...

thank q so much for trying this recipe ..i am glad u liked it ..its very quick ,tasty n filling for breakfast ...ur omlette thalipith looks super delicious ...

Priya said...

Awesome thalipeth..

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